Monday, May 31, 2004

Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall

Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall
(P. Simon, 1965)
Through the corridors of sleep
Past the shadows dark and deep
My mind dances and leaps in confusion.
I don't know what is real,
I can't touch what I feel
And I hide behind the shield of my illusion.

So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And flowers never bend
With the rainfall.

The mirror on my wall
Casts an image dark and small
But I'm not sure at all it's my reflection.
I am blinded by the light
Of God and truth and right
And I wander in the night without direction.

So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And flowers never bend
With the rainfall.

It's no matter if you're born
To play the King or pawn
For the line is thinly drawn 'tween joy and sorrow,
So my fantasy
Becomes reality,
And I must be what I must be and face tomorrow.

So I'll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And flowers never bend
With the rainfall.


had a nice non-bbq last night with Grandparents - lots of fun! We are having the bbq we were going to have yesterday but for the weather this evening.
And today I've been mostly sewing on my sewing machine. Its odd - when I didn't have it I didn't really miss having one - but now I can quite easily spend 3 hours sewing various bits and pieces. how in exams you want to do everthing but revise and then when they're over you're bored...or Mary Poppins bag (maybe thats abit tenuous, but hey its my blog and I can write what I like...especially as I don't think anybody /actually/ reads it lol)

Sunday, May 30, 2004

at what point will I stop needing to sleep?

I was lying in bed this morning dozing...having already been woken up by Mum and Dad getting up and switching the burglar alarm off (fair enough - I shouldn't expect them to completely tiptoe around)...when a large racket started (through the wall admittedly) by my head. Deciding there was evidently nothing for it than to get up I found my Dad hoovering before breakfast- crackers! good thing I suppose - with any luck in 30 years time I too will need negliable(sp?) amount of sleep - but for now I'm still tired!

Friday, May 28, 2004


I'm very tired! I'm very much looking forward to this bank holiday weekend - I need the sleep.

I've had an ok day at work today - although I was starting to get alittle bit tired of the various patients who kept bringing back medicines we'd dispensed telling us we'd done them I kept having to search through the piles of prescriptions that had by this time been filed away to find their script and show them that in fact we were right... I was more miffed with the receptionists at the attached GPs who were sending the patients to us saying we'd done it wrong rather than sorting it out themselves. I realise everybody makes mistakes- but I guess it annoys me being a)wrongly accused b)when people can't take the flak for their own errors.

I've also been to see a play with my Grandma this evening - which was good, and alittle thought provoking. It was mostly about some homeless people camping out in a Church, and all the congregation being up in arms about it, but in the end they stayed untill they got abit sorted out. Made me think about how the Church can be sometimes rather unwelcoming - which I don't think is how it should be. Jesus welcomed everybody - and didn't mind those that society disregarded...but even typing this I know I fall way short of this - its perhaps easier to walk on by. Something to think about for the weekend anyway!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Tea with the Queen!

well, strictly that isn't quite true - but I was standing a few metres away from her!...

Anyway, finshed exams yesterday (yea!) - which was actually rather odd- first of all I was very happy, and then more sad because I was leaving Nottingham for a year! After sitting at the ark for a couple of hours, I went to Salmas house for tea - very nice - and great company, and then was whisked away to go home to halifax.

This morning I got up early, then went off to the Town hall...where I sat in the majors parlour for quite a while and then 'was presented to' the Duke of Edinburgh (because I'd done my gold D of E). I spoke to him briefly - it was all very nice although rather odd as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are just people - its bizzare in a way making such a fuss! Then we walked down to the piece hall, where the Queen and DofE wandered about abit, and watched a singing performance by a acting group. Shortly after they left in a smart car with no numberplate.

I'm sure I could write more here - but I'm done in from work this I'm off to have my tea!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Last Exam!

I'm nearly finished... 5 hours and its all over -eek!
I really should be doing panic revision now but I can't /quite/ get myself up to it - probably a lack of sleep/care by this stage. Its abit random- reminds me of the end of school when we all felt abit at a loose end. Its like the end of an era - and I know many of the people (and places) who 'become acustomed to their faces' I'll not see eva again! (also remembering my lack of communication skills. Goodness me.
Ah well, I'd best be off now to try and memorise NHS law etc.