Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Too much junk!

I'm finding it quite hard to settle in back in halifax...not least because I have too many belongings. Now I know it sounds abit odd...but I've managed to collect loads of bits and pieces which now do not have a home. So they are in my room and outside it and i don't know what to do with them. It makes me feel very unsettled and abit panicy which is actually rather bizzare. However much I tidy/throw away there appears to be some left- a neverending story! Anyway, in the last few days I have mainly attempted to unpack.

I have also had a forrage into the land of wedding photography..."Our basic package with 20 photos in an albumn costs £895". The most expensive package yet has been £2,400 (including 2 photographers...but still!). Thats £2000 more than the budget!...So, if anyone knows any good wedding photographers that might be affordable let me know!

Monday, June 28, 2004


I'm left Nottingham as a student! It's all rather odd - when I was leaving my overwhelming feeling was being glad not to be living with my mad housemate anymore but I'm missing everything else already :( I think when I'm abit more settled here and unpacked and everything is less chaotic feeling it'll be better.

When to see Ross Noble at the victoria theatre last night who was very funny. It's odd tho - I can't really remember much of what he said except quite alot about weasels. hmm.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Almost a whole week

It's my last night in Nottingham at Wollaton Road. Really rather bizzare. On one hand its sad because I'm leaving Nottingham (although I feel sure I will be back at some point), but on the other its good because I don't think I could cope with much more of my mad housemate.

Also this week:
Organised and had a 90th Birthday party for the brownies
Watched England loose the football :(
Shouted at said mad housemate and got cross with her
Visited soon-to-be-married friends house - kind of scary really!
Been swimming with brownies to water theme park
Eaten lots of nice food in/out/at friends houses

and so I should really go to do some more packing as I'm leaving at 10am 2moro. NightNight!

Monday, June 21, 2004

busy busy

I feel all over that place today...I should have gone to sleep sooner and not stayed up drinking on my own:) It also doesn't help I've had to move all my food into my room so if doesn't get stolen/poisoned and its now all over my floor! I also should have got up earlier but nevermind - there's always 2moro.

And w've booked flights to Dublin - yea! Very exciting - i've never been to Ireland before :)

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Evidently that wasn't a total sucess...but I'm getting tired now and am going to go to bed. Maybe I'll try again later...maybe not:)

Drinking solo

I've had a very pleasant evening and am concequently in a moer normal mood! I'm now finishing it off with a glass of wine...I'd rather like to be able to make a poll...I'll see how this works!

What do you think to drinking by yourself?
Fine - I do
Ok if thats your thing....but not for me
Somewhat sad really
Why would you want to drink alone?
Don't know/care
None of the above (you can always explain in the comment bit if you have nothing better to do:))

Free polls from


I've had a nice weekend with people from my Church group in the peak Bamford - which is near to ladybower resovoir (sp?) where the dambuster people practiced bouncing bombs. We mostly just had a weekend away although we also did some praying for each other and had communion together this morning.

I sometimes think that its odd just having communion with a bread bun and some red juice (substitute wine) somewhere random (i.e. not church). But then, that's mostly I think because I've grown up usually having communion in Church where the priest type is meant to drink up all left over wine and eat the bread up if its not used in the service (I think because its been blessed), rather than because of any actual theological problem!

I've perhaps been in a little bit of a peculiar mood this weekend...carried on really from thursday. Don't really know why!

Thursday, June 17, 2004


I've again been quite busy (after I managed to get up)...including watching the football at church! I was found the football made me quite anxious which was odd...although less so when England won! I've still been abit tired and in a strange mood this evening which is silly. I suppose

a) I find football brings out a slightly stange childlike side of men(boys?) I know
b) I don't like thinking about holidays (random I know...I like going on holiday but don't like the organising. Maybe one day when I have lots of money!)
c)I find it abit weird only going to be in Nottingham for a week more.
d)I feel tired and possibly might have a cold.
e)maybe I don't need a reason really.

Anyway, I'm going away for the weekend with Church group - to the peak district I think:)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Things to do

Now that I've finished work and exams I should have nothing to do at all...but I still feel quite busy. But then again busy with fun things. I suspect if I wasn't busy I'd be fed up - that tends to be the nature of things! Saying that I've enjoyed the last few days (well, since getting results really) alot. I've done lots of fun things with lots of different fun people which has been very cool.

I was given a pile of about 15 wedding magazines today which are somewhat scary. Although I'm not so scared about the actual getting married ( the moment at least), all the magazines do make me feel bizzarely nervous!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


My Grandma and Grandad are coming to visit me today, which will be cool. However, they are due in about 30min and the house is rather messy! 'm off for some last minute cleaning:)

Sunday, June 13, 2004


I've had a lovely lazy day today...and done very little. Its odd, cos sometimes when I do nothing I feel bored but today its been nice! Maybe its cos I have absolutely no work to be concerned about and its nice and sunny!

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Well, now I might have an increase of 200% in readership (not hard, hehe) I'll do abit more typing...although I'm starting to wonder if this blogging lark is actually worthwhile- I might end up offending someone (on their blog if not here...) abit late to be worrying about that now I suspect!

On the viva front, it turned out to be a good viva - so yea! Feel abit of an imposter now though...but then I also decided that was a good thing - I got the best mark I could with about the least possible work! It feels abit weird being finished to be honest - abit like the let down when exams are finished - 4 years for one number! I suppose its good that there is more to life than work or it'd be abit dispiriting at this point!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

futility of posting to myself

...I'm thinking I'll stop writing here untill I've actually told people (if ever!) that it only you ever read this and I talk to you everyday anyway!!

and I'm sure if I try I can figure more useful things to do with my time...hmm...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

viva update

k...I should correct what I said previously, probably having a viva would be a bad thing! Anyway, it'll be over 9.30 2moro!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Vivas and Harry Potter

What I am thinking about at the moment are vivas. I'm not sure whether I think they are a good or bad thing - on the one hand they are very good - the possibility of getting a higher degree class than you really deserve - very nifty. On the other hand poor - a nasty oral exam grilling! Ah well...I still don't know if I've got one or not so its not worth worriying about really.

I also went to see Harry Potter 3 at the cinema today - it was good - although I'm generaly alittle disappointed by the films - I guess they can't hope to fit in everything that is in the books into one film. This book is also my least favorite so far - so I suppose that didn't help! I did very much like buckbeak the hippogriff - I was impressed by him - and also the Marauders map (sp?) looked just about as I imagined it!...Now I've got to wait for the next book for my next installment of Harry Potter...nevermind

Monday, June 07, 2004


Today we've been tiding up for before our bbq. I say we fairly loosly - really I've not done very much cos I wasn't actually around this weekend, but the house and garden look quite smart now - and most of the food has been bought!

In a way I think I'm antisocial...but I'm kind of looking forward to 2moro and not having anything at all to do!...

Sunday, June 06, 2004


I sometimes think I think too much. Think can get very confusing when I do...however, on the other hand there are lots of thinks that do need serious thought into them. Religion for interest. There's no point just giving that a couple of minutes - it needs to be thought about. But then, thinking about exam marks, or friends (or lack thereof), or indeed making problems up to worry about tend to be counter product in thinking terms...hmm...sounds like I should be asleep.
However, I think [:)] what brought on this writing about thinking was infact a person I met this weekend - who is a Christian - but very much bubbling over with faith and love for everyone else. And I kind of thought it would be nice to be like that. Although I don't really think you can compare or judge other peoples spiritual like (surely its something primarily between the person and God - and also "men look at the outside appearance - God looks at the heart") it made me desire to be more like that...which I think is more biblical - i.e. to want more faith. Anyway, perhaps in a week or 2 i'll look back at this and see if anythings changed!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

work and things

Been bored at work today...and I kept making silly mistakes which I was cross with myself for. Hey.

I'm also finding it weird being home, and people still being in Nottingham. I think next year will be very odd! Nevermind...anyway, things to do, people to see!