Sunday, July 25, 2004

Holidays, Weddings and Dancing

I had fun in Ireland - visiting Dublin, Co. Cork and Co. Wicklow. They were all very nice, with lots of interesting things to do and see. I suspect we were rather touristy, but hey thats what we were there as! It was fun going on Holiday as a four - and I guess cos we all know each other well anyway it helped everything go smoothly. We drank appropriate amounts of guiness and baileys - and the guiness really did taste better!

However, being in Ireland really drove home how rude England has been over the ages.  There are many cases of this. Like taking over countless countries and taking the peoples land. I'm not really a historian but whilst reading more about Irelands history - for example the potato famine where the food that was produced had to be sold to the English (maybe to pay their rent/taxes?) when thousands and millions of people died-  I think we have been downright mean.  I think we did similar things all over the world (.../empire).  It doesn't make me pround to be English, which is sad. I guess maybe the way to look is forward rather than backward, and believe that we can affect the choices made on our behalf. /anyway/ I'm rambling.

After getting back from holiday John and I came back to Hx to do some intensive wedding planning( which wasn't really that intensive, but hey!) - at least we have a photographer booked now (and budgets and lists and wine menus and suit hire catalogues!) We then went to a wedding of two friends we've known since first year uni, which was lovely.  It was a Christian wedding - by which I don't really just mean it happened in a Church (although it did!), but that the people getting married both had strong Christian faiths, which made it even nicer.  I guess cos God was really involved. That sounds rather random and I'm not trying to suggest that God isn't there unless belive in him, but more that his part in the marriage was reckonised.(sp?)
It was also a very nice party afterwards with lots of country dancing (which I hated at school but have since become very fond of!). I'm not quite sure why that is - I think perhaps its because I am more secure now - I remember being much more bothered what people thought of me at school - and also maybe cos at school parties we used to progessive dancing (i.e. where 2 people dance, then each choose another person and dance again (now 4 people), and so forth 8,16,32 etc until everyone is dancing. All good except you're then sat there going hmm...why does no one pick me?

Anyway, I'm starting work tomorrow (eek! real world!) so I'd best go so I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed for then :)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Emerald Isle

I'm not sure if I spelt the title right, but I'm in Ireland on Holiday! We're staying in a hostel on the edge of the city which seems quite nice, although alittle odd - and it doesn't seem to be quite finished far we've wandered around alittle bit and been to look at lots of old books in Trinity collge - right up my street!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

busy bee

I've had a bit of a busy week...which has left me feeling alittle bit tired and snappish (not good for the people I'm going on Holiday with in 2 days :)).
Firstly graduation - felt alittle bit silly in the whole hat and gown lark but wasn't too bad! Quite good fun really and was nice to see other people all dressed up too!
Then went to London to get my d of e. We looked around hyde park which was quite good - got to see the Princess Diana fountain (apparently arguably a water feature but hey!). I also felt abit...don't really have a word for it - stuck up maybe? - I was sitting next to a girl who seemed abit miserable, but I thought I'd try and talk to her anyway - I was asking where she'd been to school/college - and she looked at me blankly - so I asked if she'd done GCSE/A-levels...where she said no...wasn't clever enough to do GCSEs. Anyway, nevermind. Lots of people were in fancy hats etc so on that front I felt underdressed for abit, but there were some more normal people there too!
Finally have been up to Northallerton to stay for a while with John's parents which was nice - and saw all his Grandparents which was also nice. John was squabbling with his sister when they were together which was bizzare...better stop at that or I'll be told off!!!
I'm back off to nottingham for a day and then going to ireland for a week camping/hostling (fingers crossed for good weather!)

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Miserable weather

Its abit of a grim day here in Halifax- really quite grey and wet. I'm feelnig bit fed up - I guess I'm not a great fan of School reunions (which is how I spent the afternoon). I reckon the average age of the past students was 55, if not 60. I'm also currently on the phone to try and cancel my old freeserve account from nottingham - which I evidently won't be needing anymore I've been listening to the same recorded message for some time now which is rather depressing me.
On a positive point I managed to buy a skirt to wear for graduation -plain black, straight, long. This doesn't sound a tricky thing to buy, but apparently there is no demand for such skirts in Halifax - most of the shops said - no...sorry usually we have lots of skirts - but not this year. Anyway. All I need to find is a pait of smart shoes!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Not a traveller!

I've always secretly envied the people who got to go travelling to far flung places...and hoped one day to do the same (maybe when my income has increased?). However, the last couple of weeks have made me realise in fact I would be really bad at it - I very much dislike organising holidays.

Perhaps if I have enough money to do exactly what I want then it would be ok, but most of the time these days I'm just looking at what I want to do and actually doing or planning another. I think thats the main reason.

Anyway how hard should it be to organise car hire for one week, and book a few campsites? Really shouldn't be a problem for 4 uni graduates but we seem to be struggling! Nevermind. Hopefully once we get there we'll a)all still be friends b)enjoy ourselves! Out of interest we're going to Ireland.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

More junk

This is getting abit repeatitive isn't it? I am continuning with the upacking/sorting, which I am still rather bored with...zzz