Tuesday, August 31, 2004


My dad showed me this clip...which I thought was very funny...as it happened he'd already showed it me before when he first got it...hmm...is he trying to tell me something?he doesn't really need to bother!...how ever! Anyway, I thought I'd post it here so you can enjoy it too!

Monday, August 23, 2004


Heres the first post from my bedroom on the new and cunning network system. It does make me feel abit incompetant though, as I don't really know how it all works. Maybe I should talk to a computery person about it!:) However, I'm tired now so this is it really.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Yea! my computer in my bedroom is now networked up by a wireless network! Very exciting. Ed sorted it all out as I am sadly lacking in the computer know-how department, especially when it comes to networking! My dad is also well pleased with it all as he can send emails from the lounge (if he so wished). However, I've not had a good chance to enjoy it as I'm in Nottingham for the weekend, now using the network Ed set up there in his house which John is now living in....

Thursday, August 19, 2004


2 posts in one day?...bit bizzare for me really, however we've just been out to the new restaurant near my house, which has been very nice. Probably made nicer because we had 3 bottles of wine, but still! The food wasn't present in excessive quantities, but it was very nice. I had Warm salad with black pudding and bacon (although technically I asked for no black pudding), then Roasted aubergine with rocket and parmesan which was surprisingly tasty. We all then had strawberry and vanilla cream brulee (sp???) which was very very nice. Even better in my mind- the restaurant place is contemplating making the current overflow bit into a lounge type place with big sofas. I really fancy this to go and sit in, as the wine&music was good, and you couldn't get much closer to my house if you tried. (this apparently would be ok with them).

Also of interest, the people who have started the restaurant are 19 and 20 years old respectively. What a huge undertaking! I hope they do well so that I can go back :). Anyway, my the phoneline is busy, so I can't ring the people I wanted to :(. I might just go to sleep instead:)

Angel Food

I thought I'd better type something here as Ed keeps linking to me and I'm never updated! I've been quite busy, hence no blogging action. August is a particularly busy month for my family - As it is my, my Dad's, and my Mum's birthdays within 8 days. So I've been especially busy making cakes and having parties (yea!). Its all been good fun and included a carrot cake, chocolate cake, a rhubard cake, a party tea, a bbq, a thai restaurant, and another restaurant tonight! John came to stay the weekend after my birthday which was nice.

At the BBQ, which was in aid of my dad's birthday I'd cooked a cake called 'Angel food' - which was a recipe given to me by a friend who originates from Malawi. Its a cross between a meirange, turkish delight and a madeira cake - a squashy cakey thing. Its abit different, but I like it (hence asking for the recipe). However, one of the guests did't like it and told me (among other things) to burn the recipe!! (she'd had abit to drink and we /were/ sitting around a patio warmer chimney fire thing). I know her quite well and wasn't particularly offended...but I was abit taken aback! It made me wonder whether I should be
a)pleased that she knows me well enough to feel able to say that,
b)offended because she was abit rude
c)indifferent - we'd all had abit to eat and it's only cake!!

I think really I'm going with a cross of a) and c), but it's funny - most of the time if I ate something at someone elses house I'd usually eat it anyway if I didn't like it, and maybe say 'It was different' - unless it was really awful...actually no I would eat it anyway - I've eaten melon which tasted more of mould than anything else before now cos i didn't want to offend the host! I don't know which approach is the best - I suppose maybe the person who didn't like my cake thought I'd be ok with her telling me it was nasty. Which I'm evidently not quite as I've written all of this:). I'm sure I'll cope thought with it only being cake.

Another random thing happened at that bqq - some of Dad's friends were laughing at me being bought 'How to be a domestic goddess' - Nigella Lawsons cookbook (mostly cakes, puddings and biscuits yumyum). Which I thought abit strange- cos I'd asked for it and they all know I like cooking and baking. However, it turned out that my Mum had been telling them that John had bought it for me randomly (which he hadn't, and the person who had bought it knew i wanted it!)...so I guess they were thinking that John was hoping to make me to into a Domestic Goddess...lol

Anyway, I'm due out shortly so I'd best be off!

Monday, August 09, 2004

small rant

I was going to have a small rant here but have decided against it because its not really the time and place, and its making me sad and worthless feeling. So instead I'm going to go and have a bath and go to sleep.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I seem to be quite tired at the moment...which is probably cos I'm not used to working - and that I've been busy. I'm home alone at the moment which I guess means I seem to have more to do. Its odd as well. I seem to have trouble relaxing - when I sit down when I get in from work to watch neighbours I feel really lazy. I'm not sure if I am really slipping into being a lazy couch potato or if its just me being paranoid. Perhaps when I'm more settled into work and summer is over it'll be better.

I went to the theatre this evening with my Grandad. It was a play about a commitee (sp?) meeting which was actually quite funny (although the local paper rather randomly gave it a slating!?). There was quite a rude bit in the middle which was odd, as the rest was about a church fete and suddenly there were about 10min about a lesbian romp. bizzare indeed!

Not really sure what I thought about that. Its odd because as far as I can make out for lots of people of my Grandparents generation (and my parents for that matter) being gay was very taboo. Where as by many of my friends its considered fairly run of the mill. But were people in previous era's just very restrained or didn't"come out"? or is it more of a social thing anyway-ie the climate has changed and people have changed to suit? I don't think I've really got time to debate that here and now but it made me think abit. We had a talk about it at church (well 2 talks really) which were about homosexuality. basically the bible says its a no-no. At least putting it into practice is. Which I think puts us in a hard position - saying that something that society regards as fine being wrong. although it isn't the only thing i guess. but i often think that people think of us as not being tolerent or of being homophobic which at least for me isn't at all the case. I think lying and gossip and adultery are also wrong too. and I like gay people as much as other any other person - in fact it wouldn't really change my view of someone . Its the hate the sin but love the person lark i guess - much the same as any other sin. Some people would argue that its infact not a sin but i think the bible makes it pretty clear that it is. and you can't really pick and choose which bits of the bible to believe. well i don't think you can anyway.

well, that was abit of a ramble. if you have any idea what i was on about well done, I'm not entirely sure myself. As i originally said I'm abit tired and am going to go to sleep shortly.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Working and BBQs

Well, I'm almost a real grown up now - having started work! So far its been good - not much to do yet but everyone is very friendly and I think when we get to know more what we are doing it'll be better.
Also had a bbq last night which was good fun - nice to see people!