Monday, December 13, 2004

busy bees

Thought I'd write a token post so as to promote that my blog isn't dead quite yet. Seriously ill maybe, but still kind of going! I've been both busy and worried of late, neither of which encourage me to blog - busy with work, wedding plans and Christmas, and worried about exam, wedding plans, work next year(applications, interviews etc), moving house. I suppose thats abit of a lie, I'm fairly relaxed about wedding plans in general - but am seeming to struggle to find a nice dress to wear. it has been suggested I give up and go for a casual look, but I quite fancy a white dress of some sort. I'd post links of the styles I've been looking at but have been banned from talking about details to much!

I'm off for a residential 3 days at Leeds uni, which hopefully should be interesting. I'm becoming one of the people that students had to clear all of their belongings out of their rooms to accomodate. i really used to dislike clearing all my things out of halls for 3 or 4 weeks. The hall we are staying in is a catered hall, which is nice, and has food included. Lots of the people who stay their are very ungrateful and are going to eat out for all meals. This seems such a waste to me. If food is being cooked for you it is wasteful not to eat it. The quality of food at the place we are staying is of hall standard - e.g. mostly mass produced, but it is perfectly edible. Anyway, so far all the people I know who are going are planning to eat out, which makes me feel alittle antisocial, but hey!

Anyway, best go and organise trains times to get to leeds.