Sunday, February 27, 2005

that my life...will never end

weird sort of day - thought I was going to have quite a quiet day, but in the end went on a short walk with Grandma and Grandad - the point of which was in fact to have afternoon tea in a fancy hotel - the devonshire arms. My G&G have cunningly cottoned on to the fact that for a little more than you'd usually pay for a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits (£2.95 to be precise), you can sit in a right fancy hotel lounge, have a huge pot of tea/coffee/etc, read the newspapers in front of a log fire - which was very pleasant. There were also lots of fancy looking people having afternoon tea - complete with little sandwiches and scones and cream (and some with huge plates with lots of different bits of cake for each person). Anyway, it was good fun, and I dare say that if I had lots of money I might like to pretend I was rich and poncy more often...however, for now that will have to wait. lol!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

to pretend...

I forgot to post last night that I have a further interview (seeing as I didn't want and more crucially wasn't offered the last job I went to interview for), but this time actually at a big teaching hospital where I would actually like to work:) The hours look somewhat mad for the first year, but I'm sure I'd get over it. However, when I got in last night, my Dad said something about 'the writen clinical test'...which I'd missed reading on the letter (aren't parents great!? I would have been gutted if I'd got there not knowing!). So I'd best start to revise which will be good in the long run as it should mean I know more. And also good because I have nearly 2 weeks to revise.

Friday, February 25, 2005

so, I'll continue to continue

have been on holiday...just a little one to Nottingham, but it was on the whole very nice and I had fun. It's also been cracking to come back to work on Thursday and only have 2 days before the weekend:) However, also a sad week because...

  • Rosie is leaving shortly for sunny Cambridge :(,
  • Ed was sad when I was in Notts:(
  • Ed and John shout alot at each other (and i was kind of responsible for them living together).

Saturday, February 19, 2005

more of Ed's quizes

further time wasted doing another of Ed's determine I'm a...

I am 52% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

off now to galleries of justice with John and friends

Monday, February 14, 2005


Yey! Today I won my first ever squash league game - even though it was v close- 2 games to 2, and then in the fifth an final game at the end we were 8-8, but then I won....I was quite excited really. My serve lets me down though - my opponent had a far better serve, which was where he got most of his points. Maybe I should practice more. I was talking to the chap afterwards about playing more - and I said I didn't really have time for any more squash because I played my friend about once a week...when i realised that won't be so in a while when she moves :(

Sunday, February 13, 2005

nerds and dweebs

Ed was doing a nerd test - and although appartently I am more geeky than him, I only come in at a wannabe nerd...

I am nerdier than 25% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

And I think thats quite enough posting for one day. Two posts in one day indeed.

Jobs and Films

Still haven't heard back from the job interview I went for last week, which is on this occaision quite a good thing, as I don't think I want the job! I'm busy writing the application for the next job now - which is at QMC in Nottingham. Currently looking like I'll have to handwrite my application to fit into their form - what is the work coming to!!

Watched 'Master and Commander - the far side of the world' on Friday night, which was ok - the best bit was the nature photography of swimming lizards in the Galapagos, which seeing as it was a film about boats and sailing I think really sums up what I thought of it. It maybe didn't help that it was a big epic, but I was watching it on my 15" comupter from across the room, so I think some of the impressive nature of the filming were lost in darkness. I also tended to get abit confused at the battle scenes with what on earth was going on, who was shooting who and who was winning.

Last night I went to the cinema to watch 'Meet the Fockers' which I found held my attention more, and was quite fun. It was very silly humour, and maybe not quite as funny as some films I have enjoyed, but I was laughing most of the way though. The cinema was full - more full than I've seen in ages.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Battleground God

My mother found this quiz web site...yet another waste of time - perfect when meant to be revising for job interviews:) It's meant to test out if you've thought out your religious beliefs properly...I think! Some of the explainations were abit too much for my poor brain at this time of night on a Sunday. However, it suggested that:

Battleground Analysis
You have been awarded the TPM medal of distinction! This is our second highest award for outstanding service on the intellectual battleground.

The fact that you progressed through this activity without being hit and biting only one bullet suggests that your beliefs about God are internally consistent and well thought out.

A direct hit would have occurred had you answered in a way that implied a logical contradiction. The bitten bullet occurred because you responded in a way that required that you held a view that most people would have found strange, incredible or unpalatable. However, because you bit only one bullet and avoided direct hits completely you still qualify for our second highest award. A good achievement!

which actually meant wrt other people I was in the top

How did you do compared to other people?

250675 people have completed this activity to date.
You suffered zero direct hits and bit 1 bullet.
This compares with the average player of this activity to date who takes 1.39 hits and bites 1.11 bullets.
45.88% of the people who have completed this activity, like you, took very little damage and were awarded the TPM Medal of Distinction.
7.50% of the people who have completed this activity emerged unscathed with the TPM Medal of Honour.

I suspect, rather like Ed's "Which denomination of Christian are you" quiz its not got all that much basis it fact. but hey! fun for ten min.