Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I have been asked probably every day since finding I had a job in Nottingham ' do you have anywhere to live...', which I am starting to think I should try and do something about. However, when talking about weddings/new houses/honeymoons, some people suddenly feel they are entitled to pass judgement on how we are spending our money...and that because we are doing the above things we must be loaded (or at least have an unfair amount of £ wrt the rest of the populace).

I guess by now I'm getting abit sensitive about the whole 'have you got a somewhere to live yet' question and am perhaps over-reacting. But I do end up feeling that people think I'm somehow bad for not being on the breadline.

The other point I suppose that John might argue would be what does it matter if others know how much money you have.Which I guess is true - but I often feel guilty when working with people 30 years older than me who I am fairly confident are being paid that same/less...or who perhaps couldn't afford to go to sri lanka as they have to support their children/grandchildren etc.

At the end of the day it reminds me of a song... a bang called "why?"... and I am fairly confident you'll not find the lyrics on the internet - goodness knows I've tried! (theres a challenge for you:)). They are not completely obsure in Christian circles, but they did split up a few years back. The song was called 'think yourself lucky' (I think:)). Basically it says think yourself lucky that God made you who you are. Maybe if no one rises to the bait and finds the lyrics for me I might type them up at some point. Then again I might not. We'll see.


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And now we have somewhere to live! Yey

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