Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I sometimes wonder about writing a blog. It's quite nice on one hand to let everyone know what you're up to...but on the other hand hour becomes a much bigger thing. Which generally means I figure its not worth writing anything much of value because I can't be bothered with the backlash I'd get.
However, at the moment I'm kind of tired and abit crotchety...I guess partly cos I miss John and am fed up of just talking on the phone....it's not the same...especially as I suspect he gets the same way - and so its harder not to be irritable with each other - which is illogical anyway since you've waited all day to talk to someone.

Anyway, best go to bed to combat the tiredness:)


Blogger lastleaf said...

Hey ! I just came across your blog while yes searching my blog which happens to have the same name.
I have been thinking of blogging since I guess 4 - 5 years now but never really could actually get to do it .
I end up blabbering which I guess I am doing now.
Well it seems you no longer blog..
so just felt like saying a Hi

9:22 am  

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