Sunday, May 22, 2005

In summary

It's come to my attention that I've not posted for over a month now which is rather I thought I would. Seem really busy lately but I think thats partly to do with spliting time between Notts and Halifax, and generally being busy. Means I don't seem to see people as much as I used to but thats no ones fault but my own. And I'm going to have to buckle down on the work front before my pre-reg exam :( which means even less time for seeing people!
Anyway, can't remember all the things I've been up to lately..but a quick a summary, not necessarily (sp?) in the correct order...

  • Went to see Kate's new house (nice!)
  • Sorted out wedding flowers, and dresses for Bridesmaids, and food for evening
  • Found a house to live in for next year (quite nice, room for people to come and visit)
  • Been on Brownie Pack Holiday (fun...although overtired, overexcited 7-10 year olds weren't that much fun on Sat night...think they enjoyed it)
  • Done a community placement at loyds sowerby bridge (pharmacy!)
  • Had Grandad's 80th Birthday party at our house (He is 80 today...and I was invloved in getting people drinks. Which led to one of the daftest conversations I've had in recent times. My Aunt was helping with drinks too - and at one point she said "so-and-so is wanting a bit of lemon". So of I went and got one and put it in a glass - and asked the lady which drink she had been wanting - to which she replied - "a bit of lemon". so I replied - "...shall I fill it up with lemonade then?" - she (and by now the rest of the people she was talking to) said "no - just a bit of lemon". I said - "you don't want a drink then?" and they said "no, a bit of lemon is a drink in its own right" I asked how to make it. Eventully it was explained she was wanting (and everyone else had been saying - I just wasn't hearing them correctly)a bitter lemon. Which we didn't have any of anyway. lol!)
  • Painted youth centre in Nottingham with Housegroup there
  • Went to a friends 70th B'day party (been baking lots of choc cakes!)
  • Went on a Marriage course in Nottingham (useful, fun... but it did make me laugh - I was woking at the community pharmacy at loyds at this point, and when I said I was getting married in a church they said 'oh, are they making you do a marriage course thing?', which I replied no - we've had to find one of our own...