Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unlikely to be a new trend

I've enjoyed reading Toph and Rosies's blogs lately so I thought I might break my slience and post for once. Also may be related to my exam tomorrow!
I can't see that I'll start blogging again tho - don't think quite enough people are likely to read this for that to be an effective use of time.

On the other news front, we've just been tootling along in our new house, and have generally been quite well planned for Christmas (good job, as have coursework and exam this week). Have our christmas tree up which is nice.

Umm...settled in ok to new house - after initial worries it would fall down, have come to the conclusion that this isn't actually that likely after all. Still at the back off my mind, and have restricted the amount of stuff being stored in the loft.

What else? Still doing on call at the hospital, which is rubbish - and I've no doubt that the antisocial hours and lack of any sensible shift system are knocking years off my life and deteriating my health. However. At least patients have access to E45 cream at 11pm. hhmm. Some of the stuff I get called about is /actually/ relevent.

Don't think that I can actually sum up a couple of years into one post, (and do any revision for exam), so I'll leave it there!