Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unlikely to be a new trend

I've enjoyed reading Toph and Rosies's blogs lately so I thought I might break my slience and post for once. Also may be related to my exam tomorrow!
I can't see that I'll start blogging again tho - don't think quite enough people are likely to read this for that to be an effective use of time.

On the other news front, we've just been tootling along in our new house, and have generally been quite well planned for Christmas (good job, as have coursework and exam this week). Have our christmas tree up which is nice.

Umm...settled in ok to new house - after initial worries it would fall down, have come to the conclusion that this isn't actually that likely after all. Still at the back off my mind, and have restricted the amount of stuff being stored in the loft.

What else? Still doing on call at the hospital, which is rubbish - and I've no doubt that the antisocial hours and lack of any sensible shift system are knocking years off my life and deteriating my health. However. At least patients have access to E45 cream at 11pm. hhmm. Some of the stuff I get called about is /actually/ relevent.

Don't think that I can actually sum up a couple of years into one post, (and do any revision for exam), so I'll leave it there!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

In summary

It's come to my attention that I've not posted for over a month now which is rather I thought I would. Seem really busy lately but I think thats partly to do with spliting time between Notts and Halifax, and generally being busy. Means I don't seem to see people as much as I used to but thats no ones fault but my own. And I'm going to have to buckle down on the work front before my pre-reg exam :( which means even less time for seeing people!
Anyway, can't remember all the things I've been up to lately..but a quick a summary, not necessarily (sp?) in the correct order...

  • Went to see Kate's new house (nice!)
  • Sorted out wedding flowers, and dresses for Bridesmaids, and food for evening
  • Found a house to live in for next year (quite nice, room for people to come and visit)
  • Been on Brownie Pack Holiday (fun...although overtired, overexcited 7-10 year olds weren't that much fun on Sat night...think they enjoyed it)
  • Done a community placement at loyds sowerby bridge (pharmacy!)
  • Had Grandad's 80th Birthday party at our house (He is 80 today...and I was invloved in getting people drinks. Which led to one of the daftest conversations I've had in recent times. My Aunt was helping with drinks too - and at one point she said "so-and-so is wanting a bit of lemon". So of I went and got one and put it in a glass - and asked the lady which drink she had been wanting - to which she replied - "a bit of lemon". so I replied - "...shall I fill it up with lemonade then?" - she (and by now the rest of the people she was talking to) said "no - just a bit of lemon". I said - "you don't want a drink then?" and they said "no, a bit of lemon is a drink in its own right" I asked how to make it. Eventully it was explained she was wanting (and everyone else had been saying - I just wasn't hearing them correctly)a bitter lemon. Which we didn't have any of anyway. lol!)
  • Painted youth centre in Nottingham with Housegroup there
  • Went to a friends 70th B'day party (been baking lots of choc cakes!)
  • Went on a Marriage course in Nottingham (useful, fun... but it did make me laugh - I was woking at the community pharmacy at loyds at this point, and when I said I was getting married in a church they said 'oh, are they making you do a marriage course thing?', which I replied no - we've had to find one of our own...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I have been asked probably every day since finding I had a job in Nottingham ' do you have anywhere to live...', which I am starting to think I should try and do something about. However, when talking about weddings/new houses/honeymoons, some people suddenly feel they are entitled to pass judgement on how we are spending our money...and that because we are doing the above things we must be loaded (or at least have an unfair amount of £ wrt the rest of the populace).

I guess by now I'm getting abit sensitive about the whole 'have you got a somewhere to live yet' question and am perhaps over-reacting. But I do end up feeling that people think I'm somehow bad for not being on the breadline.

The other point I suppose that John might argue would be what does it matter if others know how much money you have.Which I guess is true - but I often feel guilty when working with people 30 years older than me who I am fairly confident are being paid that same/less...or who perhaps couldn't afford to go to sri lanka as they have to support their children/grandchildren etc.

At the end of the day it reminds me of a song... a bang called "why?"... and I am fairly confident you'll not find the lyrics on the internet - goodness knows I've tried! (theres a challenge for you:)). They are not completely obsure in Christian circles, but they did split up a few years back. The song was called 'think yourself lucky' (I think:)). Basically it says think yourself lucky that God made you who you are. Maybe if no one rises to the bait and finds the lyrics for me I might type them up at some point. Then again I might not. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I sometimes wonder about writing a blog. It's quite nice on one hand to let everyone know what you're up to...but on the other hand hour becomes a much bigger thing. Which generally means I figure its not worth writing anything much of value because I can't be bothered with the backlash I'd get.
However, at the moment I'm kind of tired and abit crotchety...I guess partly cos I miss John and am fed up of just talking on the's not the same...especially as I suspect he gets the same way - and so its harder not to be irritable with each other - which is illogical anyway since you've waited all day to talk to someone.

Anyway, best go to bed to combat the tiredness:)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Job job job!!!

just briefly - I've got a job! (yey)...a big relief - I was starting to wonder if I was going to end up being a locum. I had 2 interviews this week - at Derby and Nottingham City. I got the City one, which was probably the one i wanted most - although really I would have been pleased with either:). V glad to not have to do any more interviews for the time being:)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday evening blues


  • the people in Nottingham didn't give me a job
  • we've finished out wedding invitation making phase one - and due to a slight misunderstanding they are irreversibly not how they were intended to be - which is especially gutting as we've put about 40 hours into making them so far. we so should have taken everyone elses advice and done a day overtime each and had them made for us. It would have taken less time and we would have had decent invitations and extra money left over.
  • John has gone home
  • it's work again tomorrow

I think I'm abit of a perfectionist really, which on reflection is a good think when I think about the job I'm planning (whistfully hoping) to end up doing...but I think is quite hard for other people to deal with as I don't like compromising on what I think is best.

Reminds me of a song by Clearlake...which also reminds me I've not listened to that CD for maybe I will:)

Sunday Evening - Clearlake
It's just Sunday evening, So whats with this sinking feeling?
I must have done one of these at least a thousand times before...maybe more.
It never stops raining. There isn't much point complaining.
Tomorrow will turn up soon, and then its back to work for you - or whatever it is that you do.
It's one of washed out days. Lets face it there isn't much on except songs of praise.
It's just Sunday evening. It's just Sunday evening.
It's still Sunday evening. I've had more than enough I'm leaving. I'm tired of it never ending so its off to bed for me and tomorrow well maybe we'll see.
It's one of washed out days. Lets face it there isn't much on except songs of praise.
It's just Sunday evening. It's just Sunday evening. It's over soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good life radio

One of my friends from church has started doing an internet radio Christian show - which I listened to this week - and thought it was good! The northern broadcasting site is pretty naff, but it does the job:). Its kind of cool that you can listen to it all week - rather than just at a set time. I guess lots of radio show can do that now.

...and on the job front, still no news...hope is dwindling!